Precinct Election Officers, 1899

The election officers for each Pendleton County precinct were named.  

Falmouth - D. W. Fossitt and Geo. F. Henry, judges; Rugus Wright, clerk.   McKinneysburg – I. W. Wright and Jno. R. Holms, judges; Rufus Wright, clerk.   Bachelors Rest – Thomas C. Browning and Joe Hamilton, judges; C. C. Wright, clerk.   Bonars – W. E. Grimes and Hanison Fields, judges; George Blythe, clerk.
Sandsuck – S. W. Fossitt and W. J. Warder, judges; M. G. Rouse, clerk.  
Gardnersville – Wm. Caldwell and Wm. F. Clark, judges; Wm. Cahill, clerk.  
Demossville – Jas. Cahill and R. M. Mullins, judges; B. M. Mullins, clerk.  
McNay – Ben Cook and Jno. Cahill judges; Jack Gardiner, clerk.  
Short Creek – Thos. Gulick and O. S. Dougherty, judges; W. T. Payne, clerk.  
Callensville – J. C. Brann and J. W. Clemons, judges; Ervin Thompson, clerk.  
Butler – Ed. Colbert and J. W. Corbin, judges; Will Bonar, clerk.  


from Butler’s The American Educational Enterprise, E. E. Barton, editor.  “Published in the name of Education.” December, 1899