The Old Covered Bridge

There was once here leading to our little town
An old landmark which had great renown,
A bridge, the longest one of its kind
In the whole world that one could find.
It was made of wood with a shingle roof
Thick planks were the floor, with less wear on the roof.
It stood intact for a century or more
And since it was razed, its loss we deplore.
It gave us shelter from wind, rain, and snow
And offered us comfort from the sun's torrid glow
Many times have I counted the boards in the floor
Peeping down through the cracks watching waves leave the shore
And oft when the river was running real low
I could see pretty shells 'neath the clear waters flow.
The rocks for the piers of this bridge very long
Were gleaned from the hillside, large, flint like and strong.
And much of the timber came out of our hills
To be sawed, planed and dressed by our own country mills.
From the state of Ohio our near friendly neighbors
Came men of great skill to furnish the labor.
This story is old but to me it has worth
For it tells of the longest wooden bridge on the earth
And I wish as a landmark it could have remained
To furnish history none other contained.


by Mrs. Florence Drucker. Mrs. Druckers poetry is from As I Remember Butler, a compilation of historical pieces about Butler from the Butler Women's Club, 1975.