Callinsville Murder, 1877

The following account of the killing of James Durkin by William Moore is clipped from the Falmouth Independent of yesterday:

On Sunday, about 2 o’clock P.M., Wm. Moore shot and killed Jas. Durkin, at or near Kennedy’s bar-room in Callinsville. So far as we can ascertain, the murder was without provocation. The parties met at Kennedy’s Sunday morning and quarreled about something Moore had said about the Irish, Durkin being an Irishman. They separated, however, and the difference between them was thought settled. In the evening, Durkin and some friends came back, found Moore and the quarrel was renewed, terminating in the killing.

Durkin was shot in the stomach, and lived till 3 o’clock Monday morning. Both parties were drinking.

Moore, after the shooting, remained in Callinsville about three hours. No effort was made to arrest him. He was seen on Monday and it is supposed has not left that locality. Considerable complaint is made of our officers or not making an effort to arrest him. In several instances, it is said, inquiries have been made by officers if there is any reward. They certainly have not a very clear conception of their duty.

Durkin’s remains were buried at the Catholic cemetery at this place on Tuesday.


From the Covington newspaper, The Ticket (“Always Independent, Seldom Indifferent”) of February 22, 1877