C. C. Hagemeyer & Co


C. C. Hagemeyer & Co. are the proprietors of the Butler Mills, comprising flour, lumber, and planning mills, being the largest institution in this section.  They employ about sixty hands.  The mills came into the possession of the present firm in 1881.  The officers are as follows: C. C. Hagemeyer, President and Treasurer; C. F. Peoples, Vice-President, and C. P. Hagemeyer, Secretary.  The capacity of the flour mill is 100 barrels daily, and their brands, the “Climax,” “Imperial,” “Monarch,” and “Diamond,” are well known and largely used throughout this section and in Cincinnati and southern cities.  

The saw mill is supplied with timber from the hills of eastern Kentucky, rafted down the Licking River.  They have a capacity for a daily cut of 25,000 feet,a nd are large shippers to all points North and South along the L. & N. Railway.  The planning mill is well equipped with the latest and best woodworking machinery, and they are in shape to furnish anything in the line of manufactured timber which goes into a house.   Mr. C. C. Hagemeyer was raised in Cincinnati, but has been in the lumber business on the licking River for thirty years. 

Until 1881 he was located two and half miles south of Butler, being engaged at that time as manager of the immense plant of the Licking Lumber and Mining Co.   He was instrumental in organizing the company of which he is now the head.   They have branch plants at Cynthiana and Covington, Ky.  


from an L&N publication, Headlight, circa 1898.