The Cincinnati Commercial of Sept. 29th says: Yesterday morning a squad of the Kentucky Greys, under Major Mason, of the Kenton Union Regiment No. B, arrested Marlon Daniels, formerly a resident of this city, at Demossville, Ky., where he had been engaged in raising a Secession military company. The superinduclng cause of Daniel's arrest was certain threats he made to kill off any d— d Lincoln man who should dare to show themselves at Demossville; but his astonishment was only equaled by his disappointment, when he found the dirty little Secession hole completely in possession of Union soldiers, yesterday morning before breakfast, and himself made a prisoner by them Daniels was brought to this city and handed over to Surveyor Campbell, who took him to the Newport Barracks, where he was put in irons.


Daily Alta California, October 13, 1861