Two Items

Sues for Alimony

Thomas Hackett, Sr. formerly of Falmouth, but now of Covington, was sued by his wife for alimony for the support of herself and minor children.  The court ordered Mr. Hackett to pay his wife $3 per week.

Mr. Hackett is 87 years of age and very feeble.  He has not been living with his wife for some time, and friends are trying to affect a reconciliation.

Freak Lamb

A ewe on T. D. Whitaker's place, near Oddville, gave birth to a freak lamb, Friday.  The lamb had one head and three bodies; two legs were attached on the breast under the head, and two each to the bodies, making eight legs in all.  The lamb was born dead. (reprinted from the Cynthiana Democrat)


Two items, published next to each other, in the March 5, 1909 issue of the Falmouth Outlook