On Sunday, the 3rd of July, a German named Green, who appears to be a religious fanatic on the subject, was caught In the act of running off a party of slaves from Kirby and Ellis, of Pendleton county, Ky. The party consisted of two women and two children, and had nearly reached the Ohio river. They were on horseback, and in a short time would have made good their escape but for the fact that the horses belng missed caused search to be instituted, and not until they had been taken was it known that the slaves had made an attempt to escape. When the citizens of the county learned the extent of the offense of Green they were very indignant and threatened to lynch him, which undoubtedly they would have done but for the Interference of some of the more prominent of their number, who Induced them to abandon their design and allow the law to take its coarse. Green is about thirty years of age, has been in the State four or five years, and is a naturalized citizen.


Sacramento (California) Daily Union, August 6, 1859