Aspen Grove

A small post village of Pendleton county, situated on Wind Ridge, 12 miles from Falmouth, the capital of the county, 80 miles north east from Frankfort, 100 miles from Louisville, and by stage route 25 miles from Covington.

It contains one store, two churches, one water flouring, and one saw mill.  Population 200.  Post Office established in 1854.

V. F. Rouse, postmaster

Business Directory

  Addis, Ben telegraph operator
  Barnard, Wm grocer
  Barnes, J. C. jewelry, watches, clocks, etc.
  Barnes, J. C. harness and saddle maker
  Bate, John patent right agent
  Baymur, W. rope manufacturer
  Beagle, C. lime manufacturer and stone dealer
  Boggus, J. gunsmith
  Bradberry, Jason edge tool manufacturer
  Butler, T. J. cooper
  Cary, W. druggist
  Cesar, J. hats, caps, furs
  Clark, F. shingle maker
  Damron & Faris physicians and surgeons
  Damurm, William sash, door and blind maker
  Daniels, G. councilman
  Daniels, M. dealer in tobacco and cigars
  Davis, L. marble yard
  Dicken, Barnard & Co. attorneys at law
  Dicken, C. distiller
  Dicken, N. surveyor
  Drake, Pool, & Co. carriage and wagon makers
  Drake, R. agricultural implement manufacturer and magistrate
  Echard, L. blacksmith
  Ellis, C. stationer and bookseller
  Ellis, F. magistrate and marshal
  Ellis, L. H. general store
  Ellis, M. F. hotel proprietor
  Ellis, P. baker and confectioner
  Hart, A. C. nursery and seedsman
  Hint, John painter
  Jolly, Rev. J Baptist
  Jolly, J. M. stone and brick mason
  Jones, D. plow maker
  Kidwell, J. M. insurance agent
  Lancaster, E. dealer in tobacco and cigars
  Lancaster, L. cooper
  Lewis, D. watchman
  Lewis, G. constable
  Linker, G. boot and shoe maker
  McDonald, A. carpenter and builder
  Martin, T. watchman
  Newkirk, G. councilman
  Norris, J. P. school teacher
  Pettit, J. clothing dealer
  Phillips, M. turner
  Pool, J. agricultural implement manufacturer
  Powers, J. councilman
  Pribble, J. broom manufacturer
  Raridon L hide and leather dealer, tanner
  Rekenour, J. hotel proprietor
  Rouse, A.C. commission merchant and pump maker
  Rouse, Alf. saw mill proprietor
  Rouse, D. planter
  Rouse, Dan. chair manufacturer and real estate agent
  Rouse, H steamboat agent
  Rouse, L. J. ambrotype and daguerrean artist
  Rouse, J. W. railroad agent
  Rouse, M brick yard proprietor and planter
  Rouse, Marion dyer and scourer
  Rouse, M. J. & Son water flouring mill proprietors
  Rouse, N. tailor
  Rouse, P. livery stable
  Rouse, V. F. postmaster
  Rouse, W. beef and pork packer
  Shaw, C. planter
  Shaw, C. fancy goods, Yankee notions, etc.
  Swim, J. carpenter and builder
  Swim, Mrs. millinery and dress maker
  Tennant, R. blacksmith
  Walker, Rev. D Methodist Episc.
  Whitford B. woolen manufactory
  Whitford, L. C. & Son harness and saddle makers



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860