Moore's Queen Rearing Apiary

The photo I am sending is that of Mr. J. P. Moore's apiary at Morgan, Ky. This apiary is the best arranged bee yard I have ever seen. Mr. Moore is known by his friends and neighbors as "Bee Jimmy," for the reason that he has acquired a fortune simply by raising queens. He is a man of system, which may be easily discerned on the picture. His nuclei are elevated two feet above the ground, one at each corner of a square stand, in the center of which may be seen a ten-frame colony. His records are kept by means of the slate system. On account of this elevation of his nuclei, Mr. Moore can work all day without tiring or straining his back.

In the foreground of the picture you will notice our esteemed friend W. Z. Hutchinson; to the right and rear of Mr. Hutchinson is Mr. John C. Frohlinger, Secretary of the Hamilton County Bee-Keepers Association. Directly in the rear of the later gentleman, is Mr. Moore, but unfortunately we can not see his face. It may be the photographer is to blame for this, but since I happened to be the photographer, I will say that Mr. Moore's modesty is the cause, for his multitude of friends will agree with me when I say he is extremely modest. Mr. Moore's son Hubert may be seen to the rear of Mr. Hutchinson.

Mr. Moore says his bees actually work on the red clover. He is a Christian, and I believe him.


by Fred Muth, Cincinnati, from the November, 1905 issue of the American Bee-Keeper.