Morgan Church of Christ

Sometime in the [eighteen] forties, Brethren Irvin and John A. Gano held a meeting in Callensville, Pendleton county, Ky., with near a hundred additions. Soon after, Samuel Rogers organized a Church of Christ there which met for some time in the school house. In 1856, after the railroad was built, Mr. Stowers gave ground and the church was built at Morgan. W. W. Tandy dedicated the house and held a meeting. The first elders were Wm. Kirkwood, Jerry Wells and A. E. Ames; the first deacons were Dr. J. B. A. Risk and Wm. Porter. The first house was burned in April 1883, and the present brick building was erected that year and dedicated in November by J. B. Briney. The church has been a great blessing to the community. It's fine Sunday-school and Jr. and Sr. Y.P.S.C.E. make its future usefulness more promising.


from John T. Brown's Churches of Christ, 1904