Pendleton County One Room, 1909-1910

List of teachers for Pendleton county for the school year 1909-10, together with the name of the district and P.O. address of teachers.

Falmouth Graded School No. 1 - Arthur Mitchell, Principal; Olive Mullins, Agnes Scott, Louise Long, Julia Miner, Fannie Wilson, Virgie Dawson, Ernestine Dawson and Nona Fabra.

Butler Graded School, No. 70 - C. D. Ihrig, Principal; Jno. N. osney, Florence Whitlock, Emma G. Arnold


Fredericksburg, Fannie Sharp, Falmouth, Route No. 2

Levingood, Susie Hardin, Falmouth Route No. 2

Hill Dale, Emma Biehn, Falmouth Route No. 2

Bunker Hill, Eva Thornton, Falmouth Route No. 2

Licking Valley, C. T. Bailey, Falmouth Route No. 5

Elizabethville,  Nona Wright, Falmouth Route No. 2

Lovelace, Viola Dance, Morgan Route No. 1

Lightfoot Fork, Norma Bonar, Morgan Route No. 1

Oak Grove, Ada Taylor, Butler,

Mt. Moriah,  J. H. Wynn, Butler, Route 2

Irvine, Mae China, Butler, Route 3

Catawba, Bessie Howe, Butler, Ky

Doel, Golda Harcum, Falmouth Route 4

Murphy, Melvin Harcum, Falmouth Route 1

Double Beech, Alice Malloy, Falmouth Route 4

Galloway, H. Lee Thornton, Falmouth Route 5

Woods, Anna Mary True, Falmouth, Ky.

Oakland, Clay Browning, Falmouth Route No. 4

Hall, Maggie Morford, Falmouth Route No. 4

Fliff, Mary Downard, Sunrise, Ky.

McKinneysburg, Emma Dance, Falmouth Route No. 2

Richland, Geneva Lee, Morgan, Ky

Vernon, Edna Scott, Falmouth, Ky

Zion, Jennie Dunn, Falmouth Route 1

Oak Hill, Jennie Dunn, Falmouth Route No. 1

Antioch, W. B. Denney, Falmouth Route 4

Bonar,  Mervyn Bonar, Falmouth Route 1

Concord, [none listed]

Pleasant Hill, Harry Cummins, Falmouth Route 1

Hickory Grove, Louise Houston, Butler, Route 1

Fisher, Ursula Crugar,  Foster, Route 1

Mt. Auburn, Frazier Moore, Foster, Route 1

New Hope, George Parr, Butler, Route 1

McMahone, Jessie Yelton, Butler, Ky.

Sandsuck, Mary E. Howard, Butler, Route 2

Carntown, W. Q. Daniels, Mentor, Route 1

Fossett, J. E. Drake, Butler, Route 1

Aspen Grove, Albert Barker, Mentor, Route 1

Mt. Olive, Nora Layman, Mentor, Route 1

Demossville, L. W. Gray, Demossville

Caldwell, O. A. Lawbish, Demossville, Route 1

Boone, Kate Perkins, Demossville, Route 1

Simpson, Edna Allender, Demossville, Route 1

McMillen, Allie Clifford, Dry Ridge, Route 2

Knoxville, J. Elmer Rice, Williamstown

Pleasant Ridge,  G. C. Mullins, Falmouth, Route 5

Portland, Jno. H. Thornton, Demossville, Route 2

Blackburn, Jno. C. Wells, Falmouth, Route 5

Hightower, Katherine Sweeney, Falmouth, Ky

Hog Ridge, Harry Massey, Williamstown, Route 3

Locust Grove, Chas. McCarty, Williamstown, Route 3

Short Creek, Elizabeth Galloway, Falmouth, Ky

Cram, Emma M. Arnold, Morgan, Route 1

Brann, Mary Morris, Morgan, Route 1

Orange Grove, Nellie Hill, Morgan, Route 1

Roanoke, Hallie Loomis, Morgan, Route 1

Mt. Pleasant, Alice Lowe, Morgan, Route 1

Thompson, Anna Newman, Morgan, Route 1

Morgan, Lou Arnold, principal, Morgan, Route 1 and Flossie Perkins, asst, Morgan, Route 1

German, Corinne Lowe, Morgan, Ky

Greenwood, Anna McCarty, Butler, Route 2

Boston, Cora Carnes, Mentor Ky

Redbrush, Emma Kirby, Boston Station, Ky

Flour Creek, Hattie Yelton, Butler

Mt. Hope, Hassa Mulloy, Butler

Colored School, Maggie Willet, Principal, Falmouth, Ky

Carrie Ayers, Assistant, Falmouth

Forty-five of the above named schools began work on Monday, September 6.

          ----R. F. Ballinger, Co. S. Supt.


from the September 10, 1907, Falmouth Outlook