Railroad Opens to Pendleton County


“The Covington & Lexington Railroad will be open from Covington to Falmouth, Pendleton county, thirty eight miles, today. A good barbecue is had next Saturday.”
The Louisville Daily Courier, October 17, 1853


“In accordance with a previous announcement, the Covington and Lexington Railroad was opened to the public on Wednesday last, and there is now a regular daily train, each way, between this city and Demossville, in Pendleton county.

“The opening of this great thoroughfare to the public is hailed as the precursor, not only to our city, but to all the country bordering upon the track of the road.

“The track layers are going on with their work. In the meantime, an omnibus connecting with the train will be run between Demossville and Falmouth. In this way, passengers leaving Covington at 9 o’clock A. M. will reach Falmouth at 1; or leaving Falmouth at 1 P. M. will arrive at Covington at 6 P. M.
The Louisville Daily Courier
, October 29, 1853


“The Pendleton county folks gave a great barbecue at Falmouth last Friday, in honor of the Covington railroad being opened. Among the “dishes” were six bullocks roasted whole.” The Louisville Daily Courier, November 2, 1853