Letters to Santa


Dear Santa: I am trying to be a good little boy and I want you to come see me and bring me a pop gun that will shoot alegators and crickets.  I want a rubber ball and a rocky horse too.  If you can't bring these, please bring me a picture card album.  Your little boy, Walter Boles

Dear Santa Clause: I would like you to bring me a wagon, cp, drum, a pair of overshoes and anything else you want me to have.  From your little boy, Howard Fossett

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl six years old and live a half a mile from McKinneysburg.  I want a doll, a doll bed, a little piano, a set of dishes, some candy, apples, bananas, oranges and figs.  Yours Truly, Gertrude Whalen.

Dear Old Saint Nick: I am a little girl ten years old.  I have tried to be good this year and would like for you to bring me a set of furs, pair of kid gloves, and all kinds of goodies.  I will put my dollie in my stocking and I would like for you to bring her a new suit.  Your little friend, Daisy Fossett.

Dear Old Santa: I am a little girl about 10 years old and I want you to bring me a pair of side combs, a vase, lead pencil, nuts, candy, and everything nice.  My little brother, who is about 4 years old, wants a wagon, teddy bear, rubber ball, oranges, candy, raisins and fruit of all kind. Now, old Santa, don't forget me.  I live near McKinneysburg.  From your loving Ethel King.

Dear St. Nick: I am a good little boy five years old.  Will you please bring me an auto, express wagon, horn, top, candy and nuts.  Please don't forget Puss; bring her a ball.  I wish you a merry Christmas, Edwin Bentle.

Dear Santa: Please bring me a top, knife, sleigh, fire works, candies and peanuts.  Don't forget Rover for he wants some candy too.  Your little friend, Alfred Bentle.

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl 7 years old and don't want you to miss me.  So bring me all kinds of mixed candies, nuts, apples, oranges and a big cocoanut, a box of colored crayons and some pretty toys.  Don't forget to bring my sister, Ethel Garrett, just what you bring me.  Now please don't forget to come.  We live just beyond Havilandsville.  Hallie B. and Ethel Fields

Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me some candy, oranges, bananas, and peanuts.  Also bring me a ring, a little doll bed and a little stove.  Papa wants a suit of clothes.  Mama wants a new dress, set of spoons, some candy, and a pair of gloves.  Lovenia Collier.


Selected from a longer listing in the December 18, 1908 Falmouth Outlook.