Col. W. J. Bryan’s Speech


As scheduled at 6:15 Wednesday night the special train bearing the illustrious W. J. Bryan pulled into Falmouth.  He was introduced by Senator Paynter as the next president of the United States.  Bryan spoke bout 15 minutes and dealt on why the Democrats should vote for Hager and the entire Democratic ticket this year beyond all others….

There were about 800 people at the depot and about one-half were from the country.  He did not inspire the crowd and got but two little weak applauses.  His voice was very husky, owing to the fact that he had been speaking in the open air all day.  Taking it all in all the speaking did not enthuse the boys and will not prove fruitful.  O. P. Hogan, of Williamstown, was one of the prominent personages on the special train, who made himself very conspicuous, looking over Bryan’s shoulder during the speech.



Falmouth Outlook, November 1, 1907