A Status Report from the Superintendent

campbell I take pleasure in reporting to you the condition of the schools of Campbell County.  For number, kind, and conditions of your school houses see statistical report sent to you some time since.    I believe the year ending some months hence to have been the most prosperous through which we have passed.  Whilst our success has not been what I would like to have seen, nor what it should be, still we can certainly feel encouraged that the advancement that has been made.  I believe it to be due to a union of those forces which go to make up the successful school, viz., parents, trustees, teachers, and county superintendent, who are working in better harmony in securing better results than ever before in this county.   Our institute under such men as Elam, Willis, and Shipp had been the means of inspiring your teachers with a higher conception of their work than heretofore.    With the assistance of an honest and competent board of examiners I have succeeded in raising the standard of certificates in this county to the extent that it no longer furnishes a refuge for those who are incompetent.  I cannot but feel that our success along educational lines must be limited until we receive at the hands of our General Assembly the school legislation so long waited for and so badly needed.    With the hope that the next session may give us something for the better, I submit these few remarks. 



From Legislative Document Number 5.  The Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Kentucky, for the Two years beginning July 1, 1899 and ending June 30, 1901, H. V. McChesney, Superintendent of Public Instruction.