Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky
Aerial of Milton in the 1913 Flood
(note distillery in the upper right)
Aerial of the 1913 Flood in Milton


Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky
Aerial view of Milton
 in the 1913 Flood
A Barge of Hay Cruises
through Milton, 1913
J. Inglis Drug Store,
Milton, 1913 Flood
These images are from the Collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County


Milton, Kentucky

1927 - not a typo!

Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky
Unloading a barge full of cars
to the Milton shore, 1937 Flood
Hill Highway, Milton, 1937  Milton in the 1937 Flood 


Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky
1937 Flood Scenes, Milton


Milton, Kentucky  Milton, Kentucky

Milton, the 1937 Flood


Milton, Kentucky

How much greater was the '37 flood than its predecessors?  Lots.

Milton, Kentucky

“Milton, Ky., opposite this place, is entirely covered by water.  Several buildings floated off this morning,
including a warehouse belonging to Ben Morris and Cassiday's wagon factory.”
New York Times reporting from Madison, Ind., February 14, 1883.

The above is an excerpt from an Indiana paper. Read more of their article on the 1883 flood here.

“Madison, Ind., - The river is rising one and one-half inches per hour.  Milton, Ky., opposite Madison, is
completely submerged, not a house is exempt from the overflow.  Large cables are being used to anchor
the buildings.  The water is to the second floor of many dwellings.”  Cloverport, Kentucky's Breckinridge News, Feb. 28, 1883
In 1884 Milton had about 350 people in about 70 families, none of whom
 escaped the wreck and ruin of the 1884 flood.  A little more is here, and here.
Milton citizen's plea for help in 1884 is here.

Milton, Kentucky