Florence Church Florence Church Florence Church Florence Xian
Florence Christian, 1930 Florence Methodist, on Banklick Street Florence Christian Florence Christian

Elizabeth Goodridge Nestor's Florence Christian Church is here. (pdf)
Florence Christian published a dedication booklet in 1967 which had this piece on the history of the church


  Florence Methodist

Florence Methodist, 1936


The above  image of Florence Christian shows the church built in 1835, and eventually torn down in 1964.  There was a prior log cabin, originally from 1831, but “We are informed that two young women lately set fire to a meeting-house of the Reformers in Boone county , Ky. and burnt it to ashes; because the church had refused them membership. What worthy church members they would have made!” The Liberator, March 13, 1846, citing the Covington, (Ky.) Intelligencer.


OMG! They're letting a woman preach in Florence! Here.


Florence Church

Main Street, looking south
The Presbyterian Church, on the left, was next to the town hall. 
The church closed c. WWI, and the building was sold in 1920. 


Grace Episcopal, by Caroline Williams Florence Church Florence Church
Grace Episcopal,
by Caroline Williams
Florence Methodist,
by Caroline Williams, 1950
The back of this one says 
“Lutheran Church, then Cinema,
on Main street next to town hall.”

Frances Keller Barr's history of Grace Episcopal is here (pdf).


Florence Church

Hopeful Lutheran Dedication, November 11, 1917

Rev. Wilford Butt's 1956 history of Hopeful Lutheran is here.   (pdf)

Hopeful Lutheran's history from its 1976 anniversary booklet is here (pdf)

You can read a pdf of the Gefchichte der Deutchen Gemeinde der Hoffnungsvollen Kirche (History of the German Community of Hopeful Church), but only if you can read German from 1880.

A shorter version of the Hopeful Lutheran history is here.

Hopeful Church is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Hopeful Lutheran's congregation dates back to 1806. Consider how old that is.


Florence Church Florence Church

Hopeful Lutheran's stained glass. Read about the stained glass here (pdf)


Florence Church Florence Church

Hopeful Lutheran. Image on left  is 1930


“John W. Aylor of Gunpowder once saved a great loss at Hopeful Church by
bringing a girl late to church and discovering a fire on the church roof. 
Several parties tried to perform similar services at Hebron recently, but there
happened to be no fire and there was little gained.”  Boone County Banner, May, 1898 


Florence Church Florence Church Florence Church Florence Church
Original St. Paul Church Original St. Paul  Auditorium Original St. Paul School Second St. Paul Church
These four pictures edited and posted by Ms. Ariana Spencer
Rev. Paul Ryan's history of St. Paul is here.


First Baptist First Baptist
First Baptist Church
From a Facebook post by Beverly Sturgeon

First Baptist Church
from a Facebook post of the Boone County Library's Local History


Florence Church Florence Church Florence Church

Florence Baptist, c. 1915

Florence Baptist Church
Florence Baptist Church

Mrs. Blanche Beemon's History of Florence Baptist is here (pdf).

The 1967 Dedication Program (pdf), with pictures and history, of the new building.


Florence Church

Florence Church of Christ
on the east side of US 42 and Weaver Road


Ollie Cotton arrested for riding his horse too fast to church, story here. John Uri Lloyd's Florence Pictures are here.
“At Florence, near Covington, on Sunday night, the negro population had a Christmas tree at their church. Among the visitors was a white man, named Henry Snyder, who, being intoxicated, was disorderly and took unwanted liberties with the females. Peter Aylor, on of the negroes, remonstrated with him,when Snyder drew a pistol and shot him in the head inflicting a wound which will probably prove fatal. He then shot three others, two of whom are seriously wounded.” Wabash Express, December 27, 1871 Here's another version of the story.
Mr. Dutton Aylor's History of St. Paul's Church is here (pdf) Lloyd also had many early pictures of Florence Churches, here.