Boone County Post Office Locations

Over time, there have been 56 differently named post offices in Boone County, listed below. 

The peak in Boone County was in 1907, when there were 27 active post offices.  But better roads, the automobile, and rural free delivery came together to eliminate lot of them.  1907 to 1920 saw a lot of consolidation but not near as drastically in Boone as in other counties. 

The USPS has a web site here, that lists every postmaster in the history of some, current post offices.  As of this writing in fall of 2005, Verona, Union, Florence and Burlington are listed, Walton, Petersburg, and Hebron are not.

Here is a chart that will give you a vague idea of how many post offices were open in any given year between the first (Boone Court House, 1807) and now.
There’s a similar chart that covers all eleven counties of Northern Kentucky Views, here.

Town Active Dates
Bane's 1830-1831
Beaverlick 1853-1944
Belleview 1826-1828
Berkshire 1881-1919
Big Bone 1890-1941
Big Bone Landing 1834-1835
Boone 1858-1869
Boone Court House 1807-1820
Bullitsburg 1813-1814
Bullitsville 1853-1918
Burlington 1829-current
Bush's Cross Roads 1831-1832
Carlton 1879-1879
Connersville 1828-1830
Constance 1855-1997
Corneliusville 1827-1848
Crescent 1888-1907
Devon 1907-1909
East Bend 1856-1877
Elijah's Creek 1846-1859
Florence 1830-current
Francisville 1830-1845
Gaines Cross Roads 1823-1841
Grant 1869-1974
Grant (Belleview) 1869-1974
Grubb 1877-1879
Gunpowder 1883-1907
Hamilton 1835-1944
Hathaway 1886-1907
Hebron 1858-current
Hume 1899-1916
Hume Store 1891-1895
Humestore 1895-1897
Idlewild 1900-1910
Landing 1836-1846
Landing 1882-1918
Limaburg 1894-1907
Limaburgh 1885-1894
Middle Creek Mills 1846-1858
Mitchellville 1848-1853
New Lancaster 1832-1839
Northcutt's Store 1858-1870
Petersburg 1893-current
Petersburgh 1819-1893
Piatt's Landing 1833-1848
Rabbit Hash 1879-1912
Richwood 1859-1918
Sandrun 1903-1908
Slusher 1853-1854
Taylorsport 1909-1968
Union 1830-current
Utzinger 1886-1900
Verona 1834-current
Walnut Ridge 1842-1846
Walton 1841-current
Weneeda 1901-1908