AN EASY APPLICATION OF THE FUGITIVE SLAVE LAW—Last Tuesday night, a negro, belonging to Mr. John L. Farquhar, of Boone county , Kentucky, turned up missing, and was the next day traced to this city, whither his master followed him, and who yesterday morning discovered him on the landing, bargaining for a dime to carry a trunk for a man who had arrived upon the Louisville boat. The negro, upon recognizing his owner, dropped his load, and, in a penitential manner, begged to be forgiven, and he'd go home and never run away again. Mr. Farquhar, who was too well pleased to recover his runaway property, agreed to overlook the hankering for freedom evinced by his charge in this instance, and the two immediately afterward crossed the river. It is said that the negro left his home in search of liberty, while in a state of don't-care-a fig-ativeness, brought on by the contents of a bottle which be had disposed of.


Douglass' Monthly, November, 1859, —Cincinnati Commercial, 28th.