Gaines, Part Two

Another Escape of Slaves.

There seems to be a determination to make Mr. Gaines, the citizen of Boone County, Ky. who claims four of the present party of fugitives, realize the fact that negroes can run away. We learn from good authority that four more of his slaves escaped from his plantation last night, and, as yet, their whereabouts has not been discovered. It is supposed, however, that they are still in Kentucky, under the protection of an agent of the Underground Railroad. In fact, it is quite certain that they have not yet crossed the river. The party consists of two women, a man and small child. Out of eleven slaves, Mr. Gaines has now but three, and, to judge from late events, there is no telling how long he can rely on their services. He is now and has been for several days in this city, attending to the present prosecution [ie. the Margaret Garner trial].


Provincial Freeman, February 23, 1856, reprinting an item from the Cincinnati Times.