Beaver Lick

A small post village in Boone county, situated on the Covington stage route, 20 miles from Covington, 12 miles from Burlington, the capital of the county, 65 miles north of Frankfort and 90 miles north-east of Louisville. It contains one church (Baptist), one seminary, one store, one hotel, two physicians, one magistrate, three blacksmiths, and one carriage maker. Population 100. Post office established 1854.

John W. Tucker, postmaster.

Business Directory

Ash Hill Seminary F. Mansfield, teacher
Cleek, Jacob planter
Cook, Thomas & D. planters
Dickey, T. planter
Fawcett, Thomas blacksmith
Hardy, W. physician and surgeon
Hughes, J. C. painter
Kells, James stone and brick mason
Kelly, Thomas J. justice of the peace
Mansfield F. school teacher
Opmon, J. W. planter
Rice, Moses S. surveyor and civil engineer
Roberts, J. L. plow maker
Roberts, J. L. carriage and wagon maker
Roberts, W. M. blacksmith
Roberts, W. M. proprietor, Exchange Hotel
Slayback, Thomas blacksmith
Sudduth, B. planter
Tucker, J. W. planter
Tucker, John W. postmaster and general merchant
Undehill, Rev. John Baptist
Wood, J. A.
physician and surgeon



This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original