Rabbit Hash


A small village of Boone county, situated on the Ohio River, opposite Rising Sun, Ind., 10 miles south-west from Burlington, the capital of the county, 65 miles north from Frankfort, and by river 38 miles below Covington, and 95 above Louisville. It contains a Baptist and Methodist church, one Lodge (I.O.O.F. No. 135), public library, two select schools, one general store, one steam flouring and saw mill, one physician, two magistrates, two carpenters, four blacksmiths, one broom manufacturer, once carriage and wagon maker, one nursery and seedsman, one plow maker, two stone masons, one tobacconist and several resident planters. Population 67.

Business Directory

Calvert, B. C. & H. J. General Merchants and Salt and Commission Agents
Carter, Rev. C. S. teacher, and pastor, Baptist Church
Clore, Robert blacksmith
Cole, Rev. Mr. pastor of Methodist Church
Craig, John P. justice of peace
Crisler, Fielding blacksmith
Culvert, Samuel planter
East Bend Lodge I.O.O.F., number 135
Evans, Israel physician and surgeon
Goss, Henry planter
Hamilton, Moses fish dealer
Holmes, P. G. carriage and wagon maker
Holmes, Phillip G. blacksmith
Lunenburg, Joseph blacksmith
McConnell, John C. planter
Marshall, Arthur constable
Mead, Charles teacher
Merick, Col. D. H. planter
Piatt, John planter
Piatt, John steam flouring and saw mill proprietor
Piatt, John sen_ broom manufacturer
Piatt & Co. tobacconists
Reese, Samuel carpenter and builder
Ruddell, T. G. nursery and seedsman
Ryle, David planter
Ryle, Elijah justice of peace
Ryle, Hogan planter
Ryle, William P. ferryman
Stephens, James N. planter
Stephens, Richard planter
Vaness, Firm carpenter and builder
Willett, Carlton planter
Williamson, Alfred stone mason
Williamson, Thomas stone mason
Wilson, James A. planter



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860