A village of 600 inhabitants, settled in 1818, incorporated in 1828 and situated upon the Ohio River, in the northwestern part of Boone County, 10 miles from Burlington, the county seat, and 116 by river from Louisville.  It is immediately opposite Aurora, Indiana, with which place it has regular communication by ferry, as also with Lawrenceburg, Ind.  It contains a distillery and stave factory, two churches, Methodist South and Reform, or Disciples [Christian - ed.], a common and a select school.  Its shipments ar whisky, live stock, tobacco, grain, and willow-ware.  Daily mail.  S. G. Botts, postmaster. 

Business Directory

Alloway & Alcorn, blacksmiths
Bradley, James, Grocer.
Bradley & McNeeley, stage line.
Brindell, George, baker.
Chapin, W. H., lime plaster, etc.
Earley, J. N., grocer.
Freighberg & Workum, Distillers & Stave Mnfrs.
Grant & Riggs, general store & lumber.
Green, T. H., grocer.
Harris, Wm., grocer.
Huber, F., grocer.
Keen, Rev. W. S., (Reform)
Loder, D. A., Hotel
Merrimon,  Rev. D. W., (Methodist, South).
McWethey, S. S., wagonmaker
Snyder, Sallie, teacher.
Snyder, J. H. & Co., drugs and groceries.
Stott & Bro., Dry Goods.
Terrill, J. E., physician.
Terrill, W. H., physician.



This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original