A Slave Mother Kills Her Child


A Slave Mother Kills Her Child!


The Hogs Half Devour It!


We learn that, on Sunday last, a slave woman, about 45 years of age, owned by Mr. Cleveland, of Florence, Ky ., gave birth to a child, and that she took the infant by the heels and beat its brains out! She then threw it over a fence and covered it with rails. A few hours after, it was discovered by persons belonging to the household, who happened to pass by, when it was found that the face of the child and one leg had been nearly eaten off by the hogs.

The woman was accused of the horrible crime, but at first denied it. A physician was sent for, who examined her person, and found that she had recently given birth to a child. The mother then acknowledged her guilt, and gave as a reason for the murder of her infant that she would not raise up children to work for others all their lives.—  Cincinnati Gazette  .


National Anti-Slavery Standard, August 28, 1858