Wednesday, May 17, 1775

Stopped at Bracken Creek and went a hunting as they call it here. Mr. Rice, Johnston and I went together. In a short time Mr. Rice fired at a Buffalo. Johnston and I went to him and found him standing behind a tree loading his Gun and the beast laid down about 100 yards from him. As soon as he was ready we fired at him again, upon which he got up and ran about a quarter of a mile, where our dogs bayed him till we came up and shot him. It was a large Bull, from his breast to the top of his shoulder measuring 3 feet, from his nose to his tail 9 feet 6 inches, black and short horns, all before his shoulders long hair, from that to the tail as short as a mouse. I am certain he would have weighed a thousand. Camped a little below the creek.


from the Journal of Nicholas Cresswell, who explored the Ohio and a number of its tributaries in 1775