T. H. "Tick" Armstrong


The subject of this sketch was born in Augusta 38 years ago. "Tick," as he is familiarly called, ever since he reached manhood's estate, has been an important factor in the business interests of Augusta.

Mr. Armstrong is one of the leading mercantile men in the county of Bracken.  He carries an immense stock of groceries, hardware and farm machinery of every description.  By diligent application he has built up a trade which reaches out to neighboring counties.

Just now Mr. Armstrong is somewhat actively engaged in politics.  He is the Democratic nominee to represent his county in the lower house of the Kentucky Legislature.  The honor could not have fallen upon one more deserving, nor one who will harder and with more zeal to carry his party to victory than he.  All his life has has been a zealous worker for Democracy and it is safe to say that when the ides of next November shall have rolled around he will be the county's next representative.  He is a leading member of several secret and benevolent societies of the city, being a Mason, Knight of Pythias, and Red Man. "Tick" is a clever, jovial, and sociable fellow as a person would desire to meet and numbers his friends by the legions.  He is a successful businessman, an enterprising citizen, and his many friends admire him for his liberality of heart the other essentials of which he is the possessor, that go to make and honorable citizen and a true friend.

Of the many who have represented the people of the State at Frankfort, the write knows of no one who will be watching the interests of the3 people closer than Mr. Armstrong, and in electing him the people will honor a deserving citizens and themselves.


From an 1897 edition of Headlight: Sights and Scenes Along the C. & O. Route which featured Augusta.