Bracken's Hustling Editor

The above is a good likeness of Mr. E. Allen Griffith, the proficient young Editor our our sister county of Bracken.  Mr. Griffith was formerly a resident of this county, removing from Manchester, O., where he graduated from the High School in 1894.  He was a prominent school teacher in this county for three years, in the meantime attending the Ohio Normal University in Ada, O., entering the Scientific Course.  He then held a most responsible position with the K. of P. Fraternity for two years.

He is a young man of 24 years, with much integrity and firmness of character, and is blessed with a genial nature and much ability, especially in the newspaper line, as he is making a pronounced success of The Review.  He has a bright future and has risen through his own efforts principally and by repeatedly hard struggles and is deserving of credit.


from the Maysville Daily Public Ledger, December 14, 1901