Spread Until Nothing Was Left to Burn;

Brooksville's Business District Wiped Out;


Augusta, Ky., March 27 - The business portion of Brooksville, the county seat, was totally destroyed by fire early this morning.  The fire started in the vacant dwelling of Mrs. Daum, and as a high wind was blowing the entire square facing the courthouse was burned.  This is the second time within the past two months that the town has had disastrous fires.  The fire this morning destroyed all the principal stores and law offices of the town.  The Bracken County Bank Building also succumbed to the flames.

The town is without a fire department and the people were helpless to check the flames.  Fire engines from this city started to the scene, but were telephoned not to come, as the flames had endeavored all in its course, and were checked. 

The loss is about $35,000, as follows:
Bracken County Bank $3,000
Wallin Building $3,000   
Bertram & Reister, druggists,   $6,000
Bacon Lodge, K of P, fully covered by insurance,
Mrs. Marford's residence   $2,000
Mrs. Daum's residence   $1,000
W. B. Wallin's storeroom    $2,500
J. H. Coiter, Dry Goods    $20,000
the bank carried $2,300 insurance
W. B. Wallin    $3,000
Bertram & Reister $3,500
Mrs. Marford  $   400
Mrs. Daum, $1,000
Mrs. Frink   $1,500
Colter & Co. $7,500

The work is thought to be that of a fire fiend as the flames started in a building where there had been no fire for several days.  The village has been of late having quite a business boom and many of the buildings destroyed were new.  This, the second bug fire they have encountered naturally has a depressing effect on the people of the town and leaves them wholly without accommodations to carry on the business of the place.


from the Cincinnati Enquirer, March 28, 1899, which spells the city's name as Brookville