Bracken County Cabinet Makers
Year Artisan Comments
1800 Bonniwell, Smith bequeathed a set of tools to the first kinsman to apprentice in the joiner's trade
1800+ Fox, John Cabinet Maker
1804 Seaborn, John Apprenticed to Joiner
1811 Bland, John Carpenter
1811 Thorn, Arthur Joiner; Cabinet Maker; had Apprentices
1813 Robinson, Sam'l Orphan, apprenticed
1813 Worick, Nicholas Joiner who had apprentices
1816 Goudy, Sampson had apprentices
1816 Thompson, Wm. Spinning Wheel Maker; had Apprentices
1828 Marris, Jas. Joiner/Carpenter; took apprentices
1828 Snyder, Jas. Orphan, apprenticed to Joiner
1830 Grant, David took apprentices
1830 Worcester, Jas. M. Orphaned at 15, apprenticed to Cabinet Maker
1833 Truax, Joseph Cabinet Maker "of fine pieces"
1839 Hamilton, Marcus cabinetmaker, took apprentices; later furniture dealer in Augusta
1839 Harry, John at age 14, apprenticed to joiner/carpenter for 3 years
1845 Osborn, Joseph Apprenticed, but ran away to Ohio
1850 Chalfont, Moreau Age 30, born in Kentucky
1850 Daunston, Marcus Age 37, born in Ky
1850 Litton, Henry Age 30
1850 Litton, John Age 22
1850 Litton, Lawton Age 59, born in Virginia
1850 Palmer, Jas. Germantown
1850 Pinchard, Jarvic Cabinet maker, Augusta
1850 Prichard, Jas. Cabinet Maker
1850 Shaver, Wm. Chair Maker at Chalfont's
1850 Sisson, H. V. Cabinetmaker and Furniture Dealer
1850 Sisson, Henry Age 30
1850 Sisson, John Age 22
1850 Sisson, Lawton Age 59, born in Virginia
1873 Cavin, Bennett Cabinet Maker



This information was compiled from "A Checklist of Kentucky Cabinetmakers", by Edna Talbott Whitley, Paris, KY in 1969. Mrs. Whitley had an interest in who might have made various pieces of antique furniture.