Fairview is situated on the Bradford and Washington Trace turnpike, three miles from the Ohio River.  It is a small village of considerable enterprise.  It contains three large dry goods stores and one notion store, and two large tobacco warehouses, one managed by the Yelton Brothers, the other by A. A. Hines.  Two blacksmith and wagon makers and two practicing physicians, two justices of the peace and one constable, one shoe and boot maker, and one millinery shop.

We have a very good neighborhood and many pretty and smart girls.  Wheat looks very good despite the dry spell.  No rain to amount to much for four weeks.  Oats I think will be nearly a failure.  Tobacco plants very scarce and hard to get.  Apples plenty, peaches none.

The election on Monday the 12th passed off quietly at this place, and the many voters that were present enjoyed themselves hugely on the occasion.


from the Newport Local, May 22, 1879.