An important post village of Bracken county, situated on the Ohio River, immediately below the mouth of Bracken creek, nine miles north northeast from Brookville, the capital of the county, 75 miles north-east from Frankfort, and by river 45 miles above Cincinnati, and 18 miles below Maysville. It is a commercial and manufacturing point of importance, containing eighteen stores and manufactories of various kinds, and is the seat of Augusta Male and Female College, which was founded in 1825, and has an attendance of about 80 pupils. It also contains a Town Hall, four churches, one lodge (I.O.O.F., Augusta no. 46), one division of Sons of Temperance, No. 15, large steam and flouring mills, several tobacco warehouses, one newspaper (the Augusta Sentinel, James D. Mandy, editor and publisher,) and a large number of mechanic’s shops. Population 900. Thomas Ingles, postmaster.

Business Directory

Aetna Insurance Co. J. W. Armstrong
Adams & Crum dealers in stoves and tin ware
Armstrong, A. C. school teacher
Armstrong, J. W. general store, corner of front and upper
Armstrong, J. W. agent of aetna Insurance Co and city treasurer
Armstrong, J. W. carriages on hand or made to order
Augusta Sentinal James D. Mondy, publisher
Barr, Charles of Rankins, Son, & Co.
Bradford, J. J. physician
Bradford, J. T. physician & councilman
Bradford & Patterson general store
Bradford & Powers dealers in tobacco
W.Brown, Rev. J. W. Baptist
Case Edward blacksmith
City Hotel A. L. Keene, proprietor
Cleveland, F. L. of Stanton & Cleveland, attorney at law and councilman
Coons, Rev. G. W. Presbyterian
Croswell, William blacksmith
Donaphan, Jonathan tannery, and dealer in hides and leather
Dorry & Bros. proprietors steam mills
Gerard Fire and Marine Insurance Co. J. T. McKibbon, agent
Hamilton M. manufacturer and dealer in furniture
Harrison, Rev. J. A. Methodist
Hawk --- druggist
Heineccius, Henry boot and shoe maker
Held, F. G. watchmaker and jeweler
Howell, Thomas carpenter
Ingles, Thomas postmaster
Jones, A. J. gunsmith
Keene, A. L. proprietor, City Hotel
Keith, A. D. physician
Keith, J. R. physician
Keith, W. G. physician
Kilpatrick, R. H. tailor
Lovell, James silver smith
Lutwig, J. E. grocery store
Lytle, B. carpenter
McKibbon, J. T. Manufacturer and dealer in saddles and harness.  Also justice of the peace and notary public.
Marshall, W. C. councilman
Meyers, Joseph boot and shoe maker
Monday, James D editor and publisher, Augusta Sentinel
Myers, Thomas general store
Nash, Miss A. P. school teacher
Orr, Mrs. L. M. school teacher
Owens, John groceries and hardware and councilman
Owens, R. S. blacksmith
Pharer, M. boot and shoe maker
Powers, S. T. general store, and city clerk
Rankins, B. H. of Rankins, Son, & Co.
Rankins, W. J. of Rankins, Son, & Co.
Rankins Son & Co Wholesale and retail Dealers in dry goods, harware, boots and shoes, and groceries, and forwarding and commission merchants
Reese, A. J. city marshal
Reese, G. W. tailor
Robison & Bradford grocery store
Rudd, P. H. carpenter and councilman
Ryan, J. B. councilman
Ryan & Bryson general store
Sallie, Rev. B. F. Reformer
Sells, M. dealer in stoves and tin wear
Sells, M. manufacturer of guns, pistols, etc.
Sibley, W. L. grocery merchant and councilman
Sisson, H. V. manufacturer and dealer in furniture
Smith, R. D. general store
Stanton & Cleveland attorneys at law,  Office of Mr. Stanton in Maysville and Mr. Cleveland in Augusta
Stroube, L. of Stroube & Taylor, proprietor, steam mill
Stroube & Taylor proprietors, steam mill
Taylor, John of Stroube & Taylor, proprietor, steam mill, and councilman
Thrush, D. W. school teacher
Weldon, James wagon maker
Weldin, V. dealer in lumber and coal



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860