Desperate Affair!— Murder!!

We learn from a letter from Brookville, the county seat of Bracken county of this State, that on the 24th of November, James Hamilton killed Holton, the acting Sheriff of that county.

Holton, (the Sheriff,) had two executions on Hamilton, one for a fine and another for debt. Hamilton was asked to satisfy them, when he drew from his bosom a large butcher knife, and made two desperate stabs at Holton. The first blow he struck with the knife was in the abdomen, the second was immediately below the left ear. The last blow went through between the jaw and neck bone, severing the artery of the neck, and passing on into the windpipe. Holton fell and expired immediately.—Kentucky paper.


The Liberator. LEVI COFFIN. December 26, 1845, pp. 335-373.