Alleged Night Riders Captured

A band of night riders from Robertson county, numbering 100, followed and captured three loads of Bracken county tobacco, three miles east of Cynthiana Friday morning.  The tobacco was owned by George Haley, of Milford, and was in the charge of Kenny Six.  The riders halted the wagons at the junction of the Salem and Oddville pikes, and, after placing their pickets, proceeded to destroy one load, dumping part of it in a small pool of water, and scattering the remainder along the road to be trampled  by their horses.

The riders did not take precaution to cut telephone wires and the sheriff was called up and notified.  He immediately started for the scene with the militia, capturing one man at the scene of the outrage, and three more beyond Clayville. 

The captured men are: B. Brown, Gum McGee, Bill Kenton, of Bracken; Charley Fowler, of Robertson. 

Judge King remanded the men to jail.  Two of the men, Kenton and Fowler, are prosperous looking men and [are] well known and respected citizens of their immediate neighborhood.


This item is from the Frankfort Weekly News and Roundabout, April 18, 1908. It's one skirmish in the hundreds that were taking place at the time. More details about the Kentucky tobacco wars can be found here.