Augusta Opera House

Augusta: Pop 2,000.  Russell Opera House, Ellsworth Yates, mrg.  Seating Capacity, 600.  Prices, 25c to 50c.  Width of proc. Opening, 24 feet.  Height, 16 feet.  Depth footlights to back wall, 32 feet.  Dist. Curtain line to footlights, 3.5 ft. Dist. Between side walls, 50 ft.  Height of grooves from stage, 12 ft. 5 grooves.  Theatre ground floor.  Printing required, 6 stands, 20 3 sheets, 25 ½ sheets, 25 i-sheets. Ellsworth Yates, bill-poster.

Newspaper: “Chronicle,” weekly, Wednesday

Hotel – Smith House, $1.25

Railroad – C. & O., Hugh Foley, agt. Transfer Co., George Cablish.  Dr. Bradford, physician.  George Doniphan, lawyer.


From Julius Cahn’s Official Theatrical Guide, Containing Information of the Leading Theatres and Attractions in America, 1902.