A city on the Ohio River, in the northeastern part of Bracken county, distant from Brookville, the county seat, 9 miles, and from Louisville, 180 miles. The nearest depot is Butler Station, 18 miles distant. It was first settled in 1796, and was incorporated as a city in 1850. It was formerly the county seat, but Brooksville took precedence in 1838. Augusta contains a bank, a flouring mill, with a daily capacity of 100 barrels, a grist mill, a saw and planing mill, a coal elevator, en extensive cigar factory and a very good hotel. Bracken county is an excellent farming country, and raises the finest tobacco in the state. The population is 1,500; express, Adams; stages run to Brookville and Germantown. Augusta has daily mail. Alexander Case, postmaster.

Business Directory

Adams Express Company, W. W. Bean, agent
Allen, Harbeson, & Co., bankers.
Ammer & Rochi, boots and shoes.
Armstrong, J. W., hardware and groceries.
Augusta Male and Female College, R. C. Mitchell, principal.
Bean, W. W., shoes, boots, and glassware.
Berwanger, N., clothing.
Blades, P. S., grist mill.
Boude, J. H., lawyer.
Bracken County Chronicle (weekly) John S. Orr, publisher
Bradford, George, livery.
Bradford, T. S., physician.
Bradford, T. T., physician.
Bradley & Coburn, general merchandise.
Brockman, R., watches, jewelry, and notions.
Brooks & Trout, livery.
Cablish, John,  bakery, confectionary, & restaurant.
Campbell, Peter, blacksmith.
Clayton & McAtee, forwarding and commission, and proprietors of wharf boat.
Cleveland, Francis L., attorney at law
Crumbaugh, Mrs. S. D., millinery.
Ellis, Thomas L., carriagemaker
Felix, Rev. J. S., (Baptist).
Fleming, W. C., commission merchant and agent for Excelsior reaper and mower.
Grider, Rev. F., (Methodist).
Harrison, W. H., & Son, marble works.
Hopkins, John, carriage maker.
Howard, R. L., physician.
Joe Doniphan House, HY. E. Ware, proprietor
Kilpatrick, E. H., lawyer.
Knoeder, L. P., druggist and stationery.
McCormick, C. R., general store.
McKibben, G. H., saddles and horses
McKibben, J. A., meat market.
Malkus, John, boots and shoes.
Marshall, Thornton F., atTORNEY AT LAW.
Melenger, G., tailor.
Mingua & Winter, cigar manufacturers.
Minor, J. R., attorney at law.
Mitchell, R. C., principal, Augusta Male and Female College
Moneyhon, G. W., & Bros., saw and planing mill.
Morford, J. J., grocer and cigar manufacturer.
Myers, Alf. N., stoves and tin ware, guns, iron, etc.
Nuding, Michael, boot and shoe maker.
Orr, John S., attorney at law.
Orr, W. W., justicer of the peace.
Orr, W. W. & Bro., leaf tobacco dealers.
Patterson, Robert, dry goods, boots and shoes, hats, etc.
Powers, J. R. & Co, flouring mill.
Powers, S. T., leaf tobacco dealer.
Purnell, Armstead, plasterer.
Rankins, W. J. and Sons, general store
Reese, J. P., general store
Ritter, Arthur J., carpenter and builder.
Ritter & Byer, coal dealers.
Robertson, Rev. D., (Methodist).
Sisson, H. V., furniture and undertaking.
Smith, Moses J., barber.
Sprangel, Mrs. S., millinery.
Strouble, N. J., dry goods, boots, shoes, etc.
Stuber, Mrs. S., milinery.
Valentine, Rev. R., (Presbyterian).
Ware, H. E., prop'r, Joe Doniphan House.
Weldon, Vachel, justice of the peace.
Williams & Powers, dry goods.
Wilson, J. R., furniture and undertaking.
Winter, G. W. & S. S., leaf tobacco.
Wittmeir, L. meat market.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original