The county seat of Bracken county, and a prosperous town, settle about 40 years ago. It is 18 miles from Falmouth, the nearest railroad station, and 7 miles from Augusta, on the Ohio river. It contains a steam grist mill, woolen mill, four churches, and two schools. Its principal shipment is tobacco. Stages run to Germantown and Augusta daily, to Claysville twice a week, and to Berlin three times a week. Daily mail. A. M. Chalfant, postmaster.

Business Leaders

Best, James, grocer.
Clark, J. B., M. C., lawyer
Clayton, P. H., dry goods.
Criffied, S. A., county attorney.
Curtis, J. W. R., physician.
Daum, E., sheriff.
Donovan, S. A., deputy sheriff.
Fields, W. W., lawyer.
Finn, Martin, hotel and livery.
Fox, Thomas, harness maker.
Hackett, Thomas, hotel.
Hamilton & Adams, grocers.
Hunter, Lewis, hotel.
Lee, J. A., woolen factory.
Lewis, M., physician.
Metcalf. H. C. livery stable.
Morford & Hancock, dry goods.
O'Brien, Thomas, grocer.
Powell, Felding, cooper.
Prage, G. B., county clerk.
Purnell, W. M., lawyer.
Smaw, J. W., livery.
Smaw, W., blacksmith.
Smith, R. K., lawyer.
Smith & Lindsey, furniture.
Staton, James, sr., blacksmith.
Telover, M., dry goods.
Wallin, J. physician.
Weaver, B. G., lawyer.
Whisner & Sons, saw and grist mill.
Willis, B. G., lawyer.
Worris, Joe, grocer.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original