The packet Greenland was built at Harmar, Ohio (near Marietta) at Knox Yard, in 1903, sank and was lost in ice while at Cincinnati, Ohio marine ways, January 1918. She was owned by Captain Gordon C. Greene, of the Greene Line, and captained by Captain Gordon C. Greene (master); Captain Mary B. Greene (master); and Pres Ellison (clerk, 1904-1918). She ran on both the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

She had 54 cabin staterooms and she ran most of her career in the Cincinnati-Pomeroy-Charleston trade. In her mid-years her engine was switched out for the 16 inch bore from the Henry M. Stanley, along with three boilers. She injured her hull in 1917 grounding on Bonanza Bar, Portsmouth, Ohio, and was hauled to the marine ways in Cincinnati, Ohio. That following winter, she was lifted from her cradle at the marine ways and sank in ice and was lost.