Uncle Tommy Kenton's 99th Birthday


Saturday, April 10th, Uncle Tommy Kenton's 99th birthday was celebrated at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Jeremiah Jett, where he now resides.  About 220 of his relations and friends were present.  The programme consisted of a bounteous dinner, and good music furnished by the Pin Hook Band.  Uncle is a good, interesting, and instructive old man; none know him but to love him.  He endured all the hardships and privations of a pioneer life, and many have been his "tussles" with the redskins in the wild forests of Kentucky and Ohio.  He is active in body and mind, and bids fair to live to witness the celebration of his 100th birthday.  He spends most of his time reading, and is a practical thinker, and a good conversationalist.


From the Bridgeville social news of the Bracken Democrat, April 23, 1886,