Stabbing at Augusta

Yesterday afternoon, on the wharf boat at Augusta, Kentucky, Buck Morgan, imagining himself insulted by a negro, stabbed the latter several times in the body. It is supposed that the knife penetrated the lungs, and that the victim will die. The crime is said to have been done very cowardly. It is stated that Morgan remarked that he would cut that nigger all to pieces, and then walked up behind him, threw his left arm around his neck, and with his right hand , while still standing at the victim's back, did the cutting. It was witnessed by our informants and others from the deck of the steamer that was about to start down. They saw the negro walk up the landing, or stagger up, and finally drop down on the pavement, with his feet in the gutter. They did not know his name. Morgan is a farmer, about twenty-six years of age, living back of Augusta. He is a son of Captain Morgan, a well known steamboatman.


from the Cincinnati Commercial, August 6, 1877