Pastor Harvey and the Ku Klux Klan

The Rev. W. B. Harvey started it all by posting this notice:



While the Klan is usually thought of - correctly - as being a racist, anti-African-American organization, in 1923, they also stood against vice and sin and other types of corruption. Note Pastor Harvey, not a Klan member, says he doesn't care who takes out the vice, as long as it's taken out. He just wants the disorderly houses - houses of prostitution - taken out.

All hell breaks lose. But not against the vice. Against Harvey's “endorsement” of the Klan:


Rev. W. B. Harvey

Harvey seems to get action:

Pastor harvey


Note the story doesn't say Mrs. Le Rosen has closed; it says she intends to. Maybe she did. Or maybe she just changed her name and location, or maybe went to Covington. We hear no more of her. But we get this:

Pastor Harvey

Newport officials eventually, with great fanfare, busted a couple of stills, but following that, the whole episode seems to die away.


The articles here are all as printed in the Klan's house organ, the Fiery Cross, published in Indianapolis. See February 2, 1923, February 16, 1923, February 23, 1923, and April 25, 1923