At Carrollton, Ky. - Loss $30,000

Carrollton, October 15. - At ten o'clock in the morning the frame grocery and hardware store of D. O. Wilkins, on Main street, was discovered to be on fire, the flames having originated, nobody knows how, in the basement. The people flocked to the3 scene by the hundred and fought nobly to conquer the fiend, but it had made too much headway when first noticed to be controlled.  It was at once evident that a whole row of eight buildings most inevitably be destroyed, while several of the best business houses in town were in imminent danger.

The management of the forces became wretched as the fire proceeded (there is no regular [fire] company); consternation seized the crowd, and nine-tenths of the people were as helpless as children.  Eight frame buildings with most of their contents were entirely destroyed, and more or less damage was done to the brick buildings adjacent and across the street, all of which will more fully appear from the statement of parties, losses, insurance, &c.

W. D. Smith, four frame stores and frame wareroom, with goods in the latter.  Loss, about $7,500 and no insurance.  His brick store was damaged, $100; covered by insurance.

James Robinson, cigars and tobacco, $300; no insurance.

Otto Argus, barber, $200; no insurance.

Miss Lucy Wilkins, millinery goods, &c., $1,200; no insurance.

D. O. Wilkins, frame store, and stove and tin stock.  Loss $2,500; insured.  Home, New York,$1,000; Liverpool, London and Globe, $500; Western Assurance, $500; Commercial Union, London, $500.

Mary J. Conn, millinery &c. Loss $1,000; Traders, Chicago, $500;Manufacturers of Boston, $500.

Mrs. Kate Moorman, frame saloon, $300; no insurance.

J. F. Jett, saloon goods, $300; no insurance.

Mrs. Esther Leap, brick storage, damage $200.Covvered in Western Assurance of Toronto.

M. A. Geier & Co., brick drug stores; damage $900, covered in Liverpool, London and Globe, and Royal.

First National Bank, brick; damaged $300,covered by Union in Philadelphia.

M. M. Dunn, brick; meat-store; damage $300; Covered in Liverpool, London and Globe.

Various other losses occurred by moving goods, which are not included in above.  O. W. Geier, D. O. Wilkins, and Jos. Glauber were badly burned, though not dangerously.


Cincinnati Enquirer, October 16, 1884