This is a beautiful little village, situated on the C. S. R. R. [Cincinnati Southern Rail Road] and Lexington pike, about midway between Dry Ridge and Crittenden.  Four passenger trains arrive here daily, two going North and two going South.  The surrounding neighborhood is composed of hard-working farmers, who raise fine horses, hogs, cattle, and sheep,. and it is a well-known fact that this portion of Grant county produces the finest corn, wheat and tobacco of any in the State.  Out village continues to grow and promises to rank next to Williamstown in a few years.

The new store house recently erected by Newt. Price is completely filled with everything that is usually kept in a country store. 

Dr. Zinn, our local physician, reports the health of the community as being good.

Tolliver Dickerson, our Constable, and Mr. Beard, our Magistrate, have but little difficulty in preserving the peace in our community.

Poke Humes, our express agent, says there is quite an increase of travel on the road last week.


September 5, 1879, unknown newspaper