Ludlow Churches

ludlow, kentucky

The original St. James met in what was the Armory Hall on Carneal Street starting in 1887.        



St. James,
Catholic Telegraph, October 15, 1903


ludlow, kentucky St. James St. James
St. James, Ludlow. Originally, the English speaking Catholic Church in Ludlow, it opened in 1904.
The laying of its cornerstone. St. James dedication,1904.  

St. James

Wedding inside St. James, October 14, 1961
From a Facebook post by Paul Hillenmeyer of his parent's wedding

ludlow, kentucky

Kirz Jesu Kirche, or, St. Boniface, Ludlow, before 1915.
At the corner of Church and Adela, the little building to the right held a German language school.
Early German immigrants wanted their children to retain the German language, believing “Language Saves Faith.”


Ludlow Churches

A sketch by Caroline Williams

Rev. Paul Ryan's History of St. Boniface from 1949 is here.
His History of Ludlow's St. James is here.


ludlow, kentucky ludlow, kentucky ludlow, kentucky ludlow, kentucky
St. Boniface after Tornado of July 7, 1915
Northern Kentucky Views has a full page of damage from this tornado, here.


ludlow, ky

Sts. Boniface and James, c. 1986
304 Oak Street


ludlow, kentucky Ludlow Christian
Ludlow Christian,
Ludlow Christian interior

Joe the dog was a regular at the Christian Church

ludlow, kentucky ludlow, kentucky
Ludlow Christian
from 1851 to 1894
s.e. corner of Elm and Locust
First Christian Church 
Corner of Elm and Locust Streets
George A. Jones, Minister
A history of Ludlow Christian is here(pdf)


Ludlow Baptist ludlow, kentucky
  1912 1939
First Baptist Church, Ludlow, Kentucky


Wesley Methodist Ludlow Presbyterian
Ludlow's Wesley Methodist Church
a sketch by Caroline Williams
Ludlow's First Presbyterian Church
a sketch by Caroline Williams

Ludlow Presbyterians embark on a new building, 1869.

ludlow, kentucky
ludlow, kentucky
Wesley M. E. Church, Ludlow, 1909 
to Mr. Robt. Rouse, Erlanger, KY, R.F.D 8/1/09 
Things are coming my way. May stop again Sat 
night. I talked to her last night and there was 
a great change to be noticed. For the better. E.A.R.
Ludlow M. E. Church Parsonage, 1915



Ludlow Presbyterian burns down. A brief history of Ludlow's Church of Christ is here.
“A new M. E. Church at Ludlow, Ky., will be
dedicated December 29th at 2 p.m. Rev.
Thomas Hanford, of this city, former pastor
of the charge, he's been invited to be present.”
from Maysville's Evening Bulletin, December 20, 1889
“A fine new brick M.E. Church was dedicated at Ludlow, Ky., Sunday.
The sum of $3600 was raised through the  exertions of Amos Shinkle, of
Covington, to finish paying for the building.”
from Maysville's Evening Bulletin, December 31, 1889