A Storage Warehouse Burned


Cincinnati, Ohio, July 26. – A locomotive on the switching tracks of the Cincinnati Southern Railway at Ludlow, Ky., late this afternoon dropped a few coals of fire on powdered resin on the track, which at once ignited and soon set in flames the storage warehouse of the Standard Oil Company adjacent to the track. One warehouse was a wooden building 300 feet long; the other was of brick 100 feet long. Each was one story high.

As nearly as can be learned, these warehouses contained 20,000 to 25,000 barrels of resin, 5,000 barrels of turpentine, and 3,000 barrels of benzene. In addition to the above, eight freight box cars, two tanks of turpentine, and 1,000 feet of the Cincinnati Southern siding were destroyed.

The agent of the Standard Oil Company, Mr. Garlick, who had charge of the warehouse, had the buildings insured for $14,000, which was the only insurance so far as can be ascertained. The warehouses were a storing department for their contents for shipping purposes. 


from the New York Times, July 27, 1892.