$50,000 Loss at Lagoon


About 200 pleasure seekers were thrown into panic when the tornado reached Ludlow Lagoon, causing about $50,000 in damage. A youth, whose last name us said to be Raymond, living at Eleventh and Banklick-sts., Covington, slightly injured about the head by flying timber is said to be the only one hurt.

Were Warned

Fortunately, threatening weather early in the evening prevented a large crowd and possibly averting much loss of life.

The motordrome was almost completely wrecked. The wind took a northwestern turn, piling it over the track and wrecking over half of the large speedway.

The auto race track wrecked

The roof of the dancing pavilion was blown off.

Theatre joists wrecked by the wind allowed a portion of the roof to cave in.

North porch of the clubhouse was blown down. Tables, piano and chairs were thrown about and carried out to the grounds during the hurricane.

The threatening wind before the storm warned people and all sought shelter.

All damaged concessions will be repaired this season excepting the motordrome.


The Kentucky Post, July 8, 1915.