1912-1913 Bromley City Business Directory

blue on blue
Barber Shop J. Henry Bell nwc Pike and Rohman
Barber Shop Edward Faessler ns Shelby, e of Pleasant
Blacksmith Shop Wm. G. Shaffer 6 Pike
Boot & Shoe Maker John Carson 8 Pike
Carpeneters/Builders Geo. Gardiner 120 Short Avenue
Clergyman, Christian Louis A. Kohler Cincinnati
Clergyman, Reformed C. M. Schaaf Covington
Confectioners Thos. J. Free sec Pike & Rohman
Confectioners Chrisitana Kaye 116 Pike
Daily Markets Harry A. Engels nwc Pike and Harris
Dressmaker Bertha Vogt 101 Moore
Expressman Frank B. Highhouse ss Pike, w of Short
Feed Store Wm G. Weber nec Rohman & Shelby
Grocer Chas. E. Maegly nwc Shelby & Main
Grocer Wm. D. Weber nec Rohman & Shelby
Horseshoers Wm. G. Shaffer 6 Pike
Milk Dealers H. D. Weir 118 Short St.
Music Teacher Ruth Hackstadt 101 Shelby St.
Notions Cristiana Kaye 118 Pike
Saloon M. J. Bolduc swc Pike and Main
Saloon John Huntman swc Shelby & Pleasant
Saloon Geo. Rolsen 114 Pleasant
Saloon Fred Tanner nec Pike and Main
Saloon Benj Thompson nwc Pike and Rohman
Steamboat Wrecker Geo. Buck 114 Kenton
Stonemasons Schulteis & Huggins sec Pleasant & Shelby
Wagon Makers Wm. G. Shaffer 6 Pike

blue on blue

from the 1912-1913 City Directory for Northern Kentucky.  Read the small letters in front of the addresses as directions, ie. sec is southeast corner, ns is north side, and so on.