La Salette School Song

We raise the standard over L. S. A,
And Pledge our fealty today;
May God direct her,
May He protect her
That in our own Southland
A paragon she'll stand
A worthy daughter of the nation
Excelling all in education.


A La Salette, dear La Salette,
Students leave you with regret.
You have taught them how to live
Priceless lessons you will give
To others who through the years
Mingle laughter with tears;
A La Salette, dear La Salette,
Your teachings we will ne'er forget
Loved LaSalette


Noble in purpose, high her every aim,
To link honor with her fame;
With Mary guiding,
In her confiding
Come noble pioneers
To Battle with the years
Upholding truth mid error's night,
Victorious in the cause of right.


from a Facebook post by Therese Koop Cloar