Harris Street & Steve Tanner Street

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Harris Street became Steve Tanner Street on May 29, 1995, a Memorial Day.

Steve Tanner grew up in Bromley and graduated from Dixie Heights in 1968.  He joined the Marines instead of going to college - he had a scholarship - and died 10 days after he arrived in country, on February 19, 1969.  He was killed in Quang Tri, and was awarded a Bronze Star posthumously for drawing fire to himself, allowing his platoon to escape.
The planning commission wanted to name the street just "Tanner," but the city held out for the full name.

And Harris? Not much is known.  Born in 1802, he was an early farmer on a large tract of land in the Bromley area. David Harris' will was probated in 1886. We know the street named “Harris” was around before 1849, when the city of Bromley was first platted out, and that at the upper end of Harris Street/Steve Tanner Street there is an old Harris Cemetery.  The last Harris was buried there in 1912, but an earlier story in the Ludlow Reporter of 1874 reported that David Harris was withdrawing his carte blanche permission for anyone to use it as a burying ground.  It seems that some Cincinnati undertakers were taking advantage of it.

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for more information, see the Kentucky Post of May 27, 1995.