Unsuccessful Slave Escape


Stampede Amongst the Negroes -

Seven negroes left Washington and vicinity on Sunday night last and in attempting to cross the Ohio not far from Charleston Bottom, four of them were drowned, viz: two negro men belonging to Edward S. Perry, one woman to D. Bronaugh, Esqr. and one to a man living in or near Covington, Ky.

The other three, viz: one belonging to David Wood, one to Mr. Perry, and one to Capt. Wm. Bickly, were secured and lodged in jail in this city.  They were capsised [sic] in a skiff in which a negro man belonging to Jno. R. Keith, was attempting to take them across the river.


from the Covington Journal, September 14, 1849, reprinting an item in the Maysville Herald of Sept. 11.