A Slave Owners Protection Society


The Maysville Eagle contains the proceedings of a meeting held in that county on the 16th. inst. for the purpose of devising means to better secure the slave property of Kentucky.

They urge the formation of slave protection societies in each county of the State, especially those bordering on the Ohio; to have a pursuing committee, to act on the instruction of the President; to have a census of all the slaves owned by the members; to have a permanent fund to pay the expenses of pursuit;  to pay a stipulated reward to those who capture; to allow pursuit of no slave, by their committee, not owned by a member; to pay $200 to a citizen of any free State who captures a fugitive, if over 16 years old, if under, $100; or for information productive of a capture, $50.  These, with the recommendation of the adoption of the special patrol law, on the border counties, constitute their plan of action.


As reprinted in the Louisville Daily Courier, November 23, 1852.